Hi-Tec Size Conversion Chart

Shoe sizes are a complicated thing, especially when you consider just how many shoe sizing systems there are. That’s what makes a size conversion chart like this one for Hi-Tec shoes so important. This size chart effectively allows you to make comparisons between three different shoe sizing systems: the US system, the UK system, and the European system. All three of these shoe sizing systems are different and they all work off different formulas and measurements. In this chart, you’ll also find an inch column which gives you the approximate actual size of the shoe in an actual measurement. But, the inch column isn’t used just for getting a good idea of the size of your foot.

In fact, the inch column is eminently useful because different brands have different shoe sizing standards. For instance, Hi-Tec shoes might have a different US women’s size 10 than another shoe brand. Thus, it’s important to take a look at the inch column if you’re thinking about switching between brands. Hi-Tec has their own system of standardization that might be slightly different than any other brand on the market. Of course, this size conversion chart gives you the ability to immediately take a look at how Hi-Tec shoe sizes compare between different systems, but it doesn’t quite give you a look at how Hi-Tec shoe sizes compare to other brands.

Even so, it’s relatively easy to go to another brands size chart to figure out how big their sizes are in terms of actual measurements like inches. For instance, let’s say that you have a US women’s size 10 shoe. You can look at this chart and click on the women’s tab. You can then find “10” in the column for “US.” If you go over to the right in that same row, you’ll see how the other systems compare to the US women’s size 10. In the UK, it’s a size 8 and in Europe it’s a size 42. The last column shows how large the shoe is in inches (12.125).

You can take that knowledge and compare it to other brands to figure out how well Hi-Tec shoes match your conceptualization of a US women’s size 10. For instance, another shoe company might list their US women’s size 10 as 12 inches exactly. If you are purchasing the shoes online, you could easily make the judgment that those shoes might be too big or too small. The size chart helps you make that judgment by giving you an actual measurement like inches or centimeters.

In some cases, it’s easy to think that all shoe sizes in a particular system are exactly the same, but each brand (including Hi-Tec) has their own standardization procedures. If you are comfortable in a US women’s size 10 Hi-Tec shoe, then that doesn’t mean you will be comfortable in every brand’s US women’s size 10 shoe. It’s important to look at a size conversion chart for both brands to understand exactly how large the shoe is and whether or not it will be comfortable on you.


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