New Balance Size Conversion Chart

New Balance is one of the most prominent names in the shoe business and they provide shoes in a number of different varieties and sizes. It is a recognizable brand that is worn by many people throughout the globe. This size conversion chart helps you make the distinction between one shoe sizing system and another. There are three different shoe sizing systems on display here including the United States system, the United Kingdom system, and the European system. All of them have different numerical associations with different sizes and you can see that in the size chart clearly. While it might be obvious to people that you need a size conversion chart for different shoe sizing systems, it might be less clear that you need a brand-specific chart. That is to say, each brand has its own shoe sizing standards.

If you think of a particular size in a particular shoe sizing system, most people would say that that size is consistent across all brands. For instance, if you have a New Balance UK women’s size 7 shoe, then any UK women’s size 7 shoe from another brand will be exactly comparable. While that might be more convenient, it’s not always the case. Shoe sizes vary from brand-to-brand making a brand-specific size conversion chart necessary. In fact, you might find that a New Balance size 7 is a couple of centimeters shorter or longer than another brand’s size 7.

So, if you want an accurate size chart, then you need to look at the brand’s size chart as well. This also has implications for every other type of shoe sizing system. If, again, you are typically a UK women’s size 7, then, by New Balance standards, you would also be a US women’s size 9 and a European women’s size 40.5. These distinctions might also be different depending on the brand. For instance, another brand might have a UK women’s size 7 that is equal to a European women’s size 40. It really all depends on how the brand manufactures the shoe.

In the end, a good comparison for you if you want to find out your actual shoe size is to measure the length of the shoe in actual units of measurement like centimeters or inches. Many shoe size conversion charts feature centimeters or inches in one of the columns so that you can gauge how closely those sizes will fit your actual feet. Again, a New Balance size chart is not the same as every other brand’s size chart and that’s something you’ll want to remember going forward.

All in all, size conversion charts help create a cross-referencing system that allows you to check different sizes, different types, and different systems of shoes and shoe sizing. Without them, you might feel like you’re at a loss for what to do. After all, not everyone will understand the difference between a New Balance size 7 and another brand’s size 7. Likewise, it’s hard to distinguish between shoe sizing systems without this handy little chart.


New Balance Men Size Chart

US UK Europe
7 6.5 40
7.5 7 40.5
8 7.5 41.5
8.5 8 42
9 8.5 42.5
9.5 9 43
10 9.5 44
10.5 10 44.5
11 10.5 45
11.5 11 45.5
12 11.5 46.5
12.5 12 47
13 12.5 47.5
14 13.5 49
15 14.5 50

New Balance Women Size Chart

US UK Europe
5.5 3.5 36
6 4 36.5
6.5 4.5 37
7 5 37.5
7.5 5.5 38
8 6 39
8.5 6.5 40
9 7 40.5
9.5 7.5 41
10 8 41.5
11 9 43

New Balance Baby/Toddler Size Chart