Job Title: Sr. E-Commerce Business Analyst (China Venture)

Rums Department, LLC dba MyShoeSpot is an online retailer focusing on the athletic category of footwear needs. We strive to offer the best selections at the lowest prices on the market. With the recent boom in the e-commerce world and the high demand from our customers, we decided to launch a website with a wider and full range of selections. Our goal is to have every customer pleased with their purchase. If it were not for our customers, we would not be where we are today. We ship products worldwide and offer free shipping to our customers in the U.S.

As we continue to expand our customer base worldwide, our company is in the immediate need of the professional services of an Sr. E-Commerce Business Analyst (China Venture) to improve our international e-commerce processes by applying mathematical modeling and other optimization methods to analyze our operations to propose strategies to trim costs, optimize our supply chain processes, and manage our e-commerce operations for the most cost-effective and timely transactions with our suppliers and customers around the world, especially in China. The Sr. E-Commerce Business Analyst (China Venture) will analyze our target market and customer preferences to examine areas of improvement to assist management in decision-making, policy formulation, and managing our business operations, including our promotional campaigns in the Chinese market.
In a quantitative breakdown, the Sr. E-Commerce Business Analyst (China Venture) will perform the following duties:

Operations Analysis using Mathematical Modelling (50%)
• Formulate mathematical models and key indicators to identify problems in our business operations including constants and variables, conflicting objectives, and more to measure optimal performance and effectiveness;
• Develop forecasting models to predict the return of investment in new marketing channels and strategies, especially in China, to conceptualize and define potential operational problems;
• Perform validation and testing of models to ensure their ability to measure performance and reformulate models as necessary;

Operational Optimization (20%)
• Identify key economic drivers and devise strategies to study and analyze information about alternative courses of action to address operational shortcomings to determine which plan will offer the best outcomes;
• Prepare reports for management defining and evaluating problems in our operations and recommending solutions to clarify management objectives and improve the company’s operational efficiency and profit margin;

Business Operations Analysis (15%)
• Use quantitative and mathematical modeling methods to define data requirements and analyze the company’s position in the footwear market with regards to different business development scenarios;
• Analyze our current business operations including information about each of the components in our operations (including but not limited to business, financial, economic, and market data) to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses; 
• Present the results of the mathematical modeling and data analysis to management to provide insights that map to the organization’s KPIs (key performance indicators);

Industry/Market Analysis (15%)
• Review the latest industry trends, potential market risks, competitors, and best practices in e-commerce to identify operational problems in the industry and identify cases where models cannot be developed from existing data.

Minimum Requirements:
• Master’s degree in operations research, applied analytics, or related;
• 2 years’ work experience in analyzing business operations and strategies for an e-commerce company;
• Proficient in Tableau, SPSS, and Microsoft Excel.

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